Wednesday, 20 February 2013

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" Power Saving Sysytem For Lathe " the mechanical Engineering project

Lathe Machine Mechanical Projects
We knows that the more power consumption of electric appliances is very big problem for every one  & As a engineer power saving is our one of the important aim !  In Mechanical workshops the Lathe Machine is required , but the Lathe Machine absorbs more power then the electricity bill  increases !
So here is the solution for that :-

In this modern world, the power saving system is help to us many purposes.Here we are using an electronic A.C motor speed regulator.This regulator is used to maintain the set speed of the motor constant.The speed variation due to over load,line voltage fluctuations, over voltage, surge problems etc.Can be controlled and the speed is maintained constant by using this “POWER SAVING SYSTEM IN LATHE”.This unit can be used upto 1 H.P. A.C. motor.

Download the synopsis of project from here :- 



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